Zawadi puts on a show

Friday, June 12, 2009

Posted by Sara Blackburn at 8:43 AM

Over the past couple of days, Zawadi, the famous leopard from the BBC’s Big Cat Diary, has been hanging out around the Windmill by Musiara gate. Whether in a tree or lounging on a termite mound, she loves posing for the camera.
zawadi Zawadi chills out
After relaxing in a tall tree and observing her surroundings, she began exploring the area, even making a move on a nearby impala. She’s an old girl, but still breeding, and has two older cubs. They didn’t make an appearance this time, and are becoming more and more independent.
On lion news, it’s been pretty quiet lately. Siena and Stacey were seen with the two cubs near to the gate, so it is possible that they have made their way into the park. Perhaps they were just visiting whilst our resident River Pride lions are away?